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The Plateau of Mediocrity

Everyone eventually hits a plateau in their sales results and income.

And they’ll eventually need to invest in themselves to level up…

It’ll either be time, money, or both.

HOWEVER, an AVERAGE rep and TOP rep think very differently about it:

Average Reps:

🛑 I’m too busy..

🛑 I don’t have time for that..

🛑 I’m sure I’ll figure it out..

🛑 I’ll probably get better with time..

🛑 Plus money is tight..

Top reps:

✅ I’m busy..

But I’m going to cut out the 2 hours I waste daily on social media.

✅ I’m going to cut out Netflix binging after dinner.

That’ll give me at least 2-3 hours a day back.

✅ I’m sure I’ll figure it out with time..

But the fastest way to learn is from someone who’s already achieved what I want to achieve.

✅ Time lost can’t be gained back.

✅ Money is tight..

But I’m going to cut back on eating out and I really don’t need that need the new iPhone or Xbox.

✅ I can reallocate that into investing into myself as that pays dividends

The truth is most of us start average.

BUT it’s the decisions we make today that end up changing our trajectory.

Do you agree?

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