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The Power of Knowing What to Tweak

I was a brand new director on one of my first location visits.

I sat down with a rep who had always been a solid performer.

I knew he was not tapping into his potential.

Even though he had increased his income each year..

I knew he could do more.

I asked him: “James, would you be open to some ideas?”

“Uh..sure”-He hesitated.

“Based on your current numbers..you could make an extra $40K+ this year”-Me

He looked skeptical

I pulled out a sheet of paper. “Let me show you”

I started mapping out his numbers.

“If you kept the same deal size and closing ratio, you need 2 more meetings each week”-Me

“2 more..that’s it?”-He looked shocked

“How much time would it take to run those meetings?”-Me

“Less than two hours”-James

“Is it worth making an extra $40K this year for 2 extra hours/week?”-Me

“Hell yeah!”-James

Fast forward and James made $50K+ more that year.

He sold more than he ever had.

One tiny tweak that resulted in $50K more in income.

A 45% increase in income.

The truth is: success is never one big move or action.

It’s usually tiny tweaks.

When you know what tiny tweaks to make..

The results can be exponential.

Do you agree?

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