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The Power of Simple Questions

Want to get better at closing?

Learn to ask better questions UPFRONT.

Here’s a simple one to add to your arsenal that’ll boost close rates:

First, let’s frame the situation as context is key.

Let’s assume you’re deep in the Discovery process.

You’ve just uncovered a clear pain point.

You want to now create a clear COI.

Cost of Inaction – as this is what drives action.

Now you can insert this simple question:

“What happens if (pain point) doesn’t get resolved?”

Here are some examples:

“What happens if the error in your data doesn’t get resolved?”

“What happens if your rep turnover continues to go up?”

“What happens if you keep missing your number?”


Now if you want to add some impact, include these tips:

  1. Add in a time frame:

“What would happen if a year goes by and your team keeps missing their number?”

  1. Add in impact at multiple levels:

“How would that impact you?”

“How would that impact your team?”

“How would that impact your customers?”

“How would that impact the company?”


  1. Watch your tonality and pace the language thoughtfully as that will build trust further.

So you can see the power of questions as this guides the prospect through to understand the true negative impact of no action.

It’s simple to do and packs a punch when done properly.

Add this to your tool bag today and tag a rep to help them 💪🏽

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