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The Problem with BANT

Imagine this:

You’re chilling after dinner watching Netflix.

An unknown number calls your cell..

You hesitate..but decide to answer it.

It’s a cold call but..

They drop an awesome permission-based opener.

You smile cause you respect the game πŸ˜€

You tell them to go ahead.

They ask a couple questions.

You answer.

Then they ask:

“Do you have money?”

“Can you make decisions?”

“Do you need this?”

“Do you need this right now?”


How are you FEELING as a prospect now?

Probably not that great.

This is how prospects can feel when they get BANTed on a cold call

And even though I was being facetious with the phrasing above πŸ˜‚

..it still doesn’t feel good.

In my opinion, doing BANT that early is 100% seller-focused..

And will actually cost you more opportunities than you’d like.

If you want to book more meetings and close more..

Start by focusing on the customer FIRST.

Do you agree?

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