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The PVD Approach to Cold LinkedIn Messages

Bad salespeople give sales PROFESSIONALS a bad name especially in the LinkedIn DM.

I’ve seen a few common approaches:

1. The “Direct” Pitch: the immediate copy + paste pitch

2. The “Thinks-They’re-Smooth” Pitch: fake small talk and then pitch.

3. The “Awkward-Bot” Pitch: It’s literally 1-5 word responses and questions until they pitch.


Then there’s another layer of reps who are asking to set up a call or meeting and they say stuff like this in the DM:

1. “Let’s see how we can help each other”

2. “Let’s just get coffee and so I can learn more about you”

3. “Let’s just chat”

Or something along those lines.

So 1 of 3 things will happen:

1. You secure a meeting with an UNQUALIFIED prospect, potentially wasting your time.

2. They see ZERO value and ignore you.

3. They see ZERO value and tell you “no.”

Remember this: your prospect is VERY BUSY and they do not want to waste their time.

AND they see right through these types of “smoke and mirrors” tactics.

So instead, utilize my simple PVD approach with messaging:


-Personal: Be real and personalize the message

-Value: Provide value – free training, resource, etc. (Earn trust here)

-Direct: Don’t be wordy.

Do you agree with PVD?

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