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The Real Reason Prospects Are Not Closing On The Spot (And 3 Ways to Overcome It!)

Have you ever thought about it?

I mean REALLY thought about it?

Thought about WHY some prospects are NOT buying from you or signing up on the spot?

I’m sure you’ve been there: you just presented an AWESOME solution, it seems to make perfect sense for them due to everything they told you…BUT they are still unwilling to go forward with it or they have massive hesitations and “want to think about it!”

It’s frustrating and can be defeating but there is one PRIMARY and underlying reason why they are not buying from you even when all signs point to YES!

It’s quite simple –  they fear BUYER’S REMORSE!

Think about that for a second – haven’t you been in a situation where you are the one making a purchase and all signs point to YES but you still have hesitations? NO ONE wants to make a buying decision they regret!

Knowing this is the first key; next let’s discuss 3 simple ways to overcome it!

1.) Testimonials and Reference Letters: From a logical perspective, using testimonials or reference letters are a great way to show LOGICAL PROOF that your solution is the best and it minimizes their risk of buyer’s remorse. We’ve all met bad sales people that have lied (they make all us ethical sales professionals look bad unfortunately) and using testimonials and reference letters SHOW clear evidence of the truth!

You want to have these handy in your binder, briefcase, or computer to pull out at a moment’s notice to SHOW the prospect all the PROOF that your solution is what you are saying it is. Think about why Amazon works so well: they have clear ratings and reviews on products to help eliminate that fear of buyer’s remorse! That’s their form of testimonials and reference letters. I know personally that if it has less than 4 stars, I’m not buying it!

2.) Stories and Social Proof: This next key way to eliminate buyer’s remorse drives towards emotional perspective of the sales process. Sharing stories of other businesses/customers you have helped that were in similar situations helps put their mind at ease. Illustrating as many stories as possible (as long as it makes sense in the sales process) helps provide the social proof that you have a proven product/program that can help them!

Think about it this way: have you ever wanted to try out a new restaurant in town but you’re not sure if it is good or not? What if a friend of yours tells you about their entire experience there of how amazing the service was, the ambiance, quality of food, etc.! Doesn’t that decrease your worry about it? THEN when you show up, you see the entire parking lot is FULL of cars! Now you have a story AND social proof – you will now be more likely to get even more excited about dining there! You can apply the exact same concepts to your sales process to help eliminate buyer’s remorse!

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3) Focus on Improving Your Likeability: This may seem like an odd one but the more LIKEABLE you are, the less concern there is of buyer’s remorse. Typically the more they like you, the more they trust you and ultimately that increases their chances of closing on the spot! Here are four areas that can really influence your likeability:

    1. Friendly: This seems obvious but are you friendly from the words you use, demeanor, tone, body language, etc.? Most people LIKE friendly people and DISLIKE unfriendly people. It’s like when I go to a restaurant – a friendly and helpful server will always get a larger tip from me!
    2. Relevance: Make sure your meeting is of value and that what you discuss is of actual relevance. This requires strong active listening skills to ensure you are not just an amateur sales rep product knowledge vomiting on them!
    3. Empathy: Are you able to see from their perspective and understand their emotions to respond/react accordingly? This is crucial for them to feel understood and heard in the meeting.
    4. Realness: Are you authentic and real? Can they connect with you? This is something I’ve worked on for years now! Getting better but not perfect 🙂

So there you have it! 3 ways you can add to your arsenal to help remove buyer’s remorse! Make sure to comment and like below. If you liked this article, make sure to also snag my new program, Close Like Chan! It’s a 7-Day Training and Challenge that you can get for free below!

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