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The Text That Cost Me $50,000+ in Commissions

“Marcus, you’re TOO PUSHY. We’re out.” – the text that cost me $50,000+ in commissions and bonuses 😭🀒

That single text from this huge prospect destroyed me that day.

It was a deal that would have been over half of my annual President’s Club number.😀

I thought I had done everything flawlessly:

πŸ’― Immaculate rapport building
πŸ’― Immaculate samples
πŸ’― Immaculate presentation of solutions
πŸ’― Immaculate culmination of their DM process
πŸ’― Immaculate follow up

However, the one thing I completely missed?

I didn’t accurately read the signs of where they were in the buyer’s journey.πŸ•΅

So I kept pushing for the close and persistently followed up.

Realistically, I pushed too hard.✊


And that cost me a lot.

However, there’s a good lesson here: sometimes you must slow down to speed up. πŸ›‘

If I had slowed down, I could have caught wind that I was being too aggressive and the end result could have been different.

This is where sales becomes more art than science.

Have you ever pushed too hard and lost a deal?

πŸ’―Like, comment, and share below if you’ve experienced and learned from situations like this!πŸ’―

P.S. I never got that deal later on but I learned a lifelong lesson…


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