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The Time I Did the Heimlich on a Boat

“Are you..choking?”-Me, looking very alarmed.

I was a brand new sales manager and I was holding my first awards recognition event on the Portland Spirit, a lunch/dinner cruise boat on the Willamette River.

I looked at my rep, who was turning bright red and pointing feverishly at her throat.


I looked panickedly at our table and the other tables on the boat.

Dead silence.

After zero responses, I leapt up and started attempting the heimlich maneuver.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, the stuck food popped out!

We made sure the rep was alright (she was) and got her some water.

Later that afternoon one of my other reps told me that he was impressed that I knew the heimlich.

I started turning red.

“..actually, I don’t know the heimlich. I was only imitating what I saw on Mrs. Doubtfire..”-Me

“You gotta be kidding me”-Rep

“Dead serious-that’s why it took forever because I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I had to do something”-Me

Two lessons from this:

1. You won’t always have the info you need so do the best with what you have and..

2. Action ALWAYS beats INACTION

Do you agree?

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