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The Top 15 Skills You Need As a New Sales Leader

Being promoted from a sales rep to sales manager is AWESOME

Not knowing what skills you need to develop is NOT.

Here are the top 15 skills you need to develop NOW that will help you as a future sales leader!

How to…

✅Recruit and attract talent

✅Develop and retain talent

✅Inspire and motivate low, medium, and top performers

✅Uncover what people are truly motivated by and how to influence immediate action

✅MAXIMIZE performance

✅Unify and create a team culture that works towards a common goal

✅Be organized from tracking numbers, processes, data, etc.

✅Create systematic and repeatable processes


✅Solve problems from interoffice politics to rep drama

✅Be MORE self-aware

✅Communicate with all types of reps and employees/leaders of varying levels

✅Create strategies and execute at a high level

✅Use data to anticipate trends and make shifts in strategies as a result

✅Be a support to the team’s performance without being overbearing

Comment below what else you would add and tag a future leader!

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