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The True Cost of Not Reaching Your Potential

Have you truly thought what the best version of you is worth?

You may hate or love what I’m going to say next:

But what you EARN each year is your VALUE to the marketplace.

If you don’t like it, then INCREASE your value.

If you believe you’re worth more..

Than earning anything less is actually COSTING you each year.

Let me explain:

If your best version of you SHOULD earn $250K/year..

And you’re currently earning $100K/year..

NOT being the best you is costing you $150K/year.

That means you must go acquire skills that can get you there.

(Or go to a marketplace that’s WILLING to pay you that)

Here’s an example:

Preston just started a B2B sales role with amazing earning potential selling into school systems.

He BELIEVES he’s worth $1M+year.

Then he started and the job was incredibly hard.

Even though the comp is uncapped with an amazing product..

He was struggling.

He knew to get that million-dollar INCOME..

He needed to get million-dollar SKILLS as FAST as possible..

Preston also knows that success loves speed.

And that if he earned anything less than his worth…

Would be a disservice to himself!

Preston found a way to invest into my Inner Circle program.

He executed on the training.

And showed up to every single coaching call and got help.

In just over a month, he secured his first big deal and payout:

$90,000+ in commissions earned!

He kept executing and getting help.

A week later he prospected and closed another big deal.

8 day closing window from cold to closed.

$200,000+ commission.

In less than two months, Preston has secured monster deals that will pay him $290,000+.

AND he has several more in his pipeline.

Well over a 7-figure earning rate.

So if you’re not happy with your earnings..

Do something about it.

Be like Preston and ensure your skills and habits match the income you deserve.

Do you agree?

P.S. If you want to learn more about the program that Preston is in, message me COMMITTED.

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