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The Truth About Success

Being successful at sales is actually easier than most think.

I used to be the worst rep…

To consistently being in the top percentile.

Here are a few small habits I did:

✅ I prepared my call list the day before

✅ I roleplayed my scripts 10X in the morning before calling

✅ I didn’t allow ANYONE to distract me in my call sessions

✅ I didn’t multi-task

✅ I researched the company and DM before every disco call

✅ I asked the “tough” questions on every sales call

✅ I planned out income-generating activities in case of no-show’s

✅ I practiced my entire sales process weekly

✅ I recorded it to improve

✅ I only read books that would increase my skills

✅ I set daily goals and held myself accountable to them

✅ When I struggled, I asked for help

Etc, etc, etc.

You get the point.

All these things are actually very easy to do.

But they are just as easy to…NOT do.

It may not be sexy or glamorous but that’s the true path to success.

Tag a rep who needs to see this.

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