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The Truth About Success

Social media is a highlight reel.

You only see what people want to show you.

And it can either positively or negatively impact you..

I’ll give you an example:

I feel fortunate to now be on the Forbes Business Council.

When you combine that with some other visible accolades..

It can appear that I have it all together.

The truth is, that’s the 1% most see.

The other 99% is what it TOOK to get those accolades.

And it’s filled with..

Long hours.

Wanting to quit daily.

Imposter syndrome.

Crippling self-doubt.


Failure and mistakes.

Sacrifice and risk.

Tons of haters.

And so much more.

So do not be fooled by “highlight reels.”

The road to success is paved with potholes..

And you must walk the path and earn it.


Do you agree?

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