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The Underdog Swimmer

I failed the advanced swim class 4X before I finally passed it the 5th time.

I was 9 years old and the oldest kid in the class by at least two years.

I wanted to give up so many times especially after I failed multiple times the prior summer.

However, I kept pushing.

I failed 4 total times before I finally passed on the 5th time and was able to join the club swim team.

When I joined club, I was the oldest kid in the jr. group.

Everyone else was 2+ years younger and MUCH faster.

I felt EVEN more embarrassed.

Ashamed being the oldest and being in the rookie group.

Self-conscious that other 9 year olds in the senior group teased me.

But I showed up every single day.

And gave 100% every single day.

I never gave up.

I got better over time.

Fast forward 14 months and I became one of the fastest 10-year olds in the state in 2 different events.

The teasing stopped.

I realized then that talent was overrated.

That if I stayed focus and put the work in, I could be a winner.

Being underestimated was a..competitive advantage.

As long as I could block out the noise..

And put the work in..

Those with talent alone wouldn’t be able to stand a chance.

Being an underdog gave me an EDGE.

Do you agree?

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