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The Worst Thing to Do to a Salesperson

Do you know what the worst thing to do to a salesperson is?

Call them a “LIAR.”

To question their ethics and moral values.

This is why it drives me nuts when I hear myths like:

“You can only be successful in sales if you are sleazy”

“He’s only at the top because he’s shady”

“She only closes deals because she just makes stuff up to get them to close”

And the list goes on.

The truth is this:

The BEST sales professionals in the world..

Have the STRONGEST ethics and values.

In fact, they usually OVER-COMMUNICATE..

Are intentionally DIRECT and TRANSPARENT..

Because they want to ensure expectations are set properly.

And at the end of the day, they also know..

There’s no commission that is worth MORE than their values.

Do you agree?

PS I bust this myth and more on Daniel Alonzo’s Wealth on the Beach Podcast!

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