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This is a Common Trait of the Uber Successful

I’ve been fortunate to meet some uber successful people.

It’s amazing how differently they carry themselves.

Regardless if they are extroverted or introverted..

I usually see this common trait:


Whether it’s choosing off the menu at a restaurant..

To making an investment decision..

They decide and commit.

Whether it’s the right or wrong decision..they commit.

And they go all in and they find a way to make it great.

They know the worst thing they can do is go into Analysis Paralysis.

They know actions lead to results.

And no action leads to NO RESULTS.

So for salespeople..

Whether it’s a decision on..


Planning your day

Making that cold call

Sending that email

Choosing to invest in yourself


Be like the uber-successful and be DECISIVE.

Go all in and commit to the decision.

Find a way to make that situation great regardless of the outcome.

When you practice being decisive..

It’s amazing what you can accomplish by pure commitment.

Do you agree?

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