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This is How You Tell Someone What Someone’s True Priorities Are in Life

“I wish I had more time”

For most people, it’s actually NOT true..

Here’s what I mean:

Years ago I fooled myself into thinking I was too busy to call my parents every week..

I told myself that I was busy with working 60+ hours/week..

Getting my MBA at night and weekends (40+ hours/week)

Buying a house and getting married all around the same time

I truly believed I was “too busy”

Then I audited my time..

I realized that I was still watching Netflix for at least 30 min/day

I realized that I was PRIORITIZING Netflix over my parents.

That I was choosing streaming TV over family

It was a subconscious choice but it was still my choice.

I made the change immediately.

Since then I call my parents every single week.

I realized I didn’t need more time..

I needed to better PRIORITIZE my time.

At the end of the day, your TRUE priorities show up in two ways:

How you spend your TIME and how you spend your MONEY.

Whether you like it or not, it’s your reality.

Do you agree?

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