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This is the WRONG Way to Try to Improve Your Sales Results

A few weeks into my first sales job I was threatened with a PIP.

I was already struggling so this made things worse.

My boss’ advice to improve my results?

“Work harder”

“Make more calls”

“Send more emails”

“Sales is a contact sport – make more contact”

“The more hands you shake, the more money you make”

In general, this is some of the worst advice you can receive.

Since everyone loves overdone “sales and sports” analogies..

Here’s another one to appease ya 😆

Let’s say you’re struggling shooting free throws in basketball.

Do you think coaches are just telling players to just..

“Work harder”

“Make more shots”



The coach is helping them adjust foot, body, etc. positioning.

Body weight distribution, wrist angles, etc.


To ensure they have the RIGHT DIRECTION to improve results.

THEN they compound in the repetition ONCE they know they are headed towards the right DIRECTION.

They know if the base mechanics are off, compounded repetition is inefficient.


Get the RIGHT DIRECTION first.

Then compound in repetition.

Do it this way and you’ll see your results skyrocket.

Do you agree?

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