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Tiny Tweaks Can Make the Biggest Difference

I was flying around to meet one-on-one with each of my employees as a new director.

I was sitting with a rep who had been there for 5 years.

A good rep-always consistent.

Always solid.

He had never taken his results to the next level.

After getting to know him and his goals, I asked him..

“Would you be open to a couple tweaks to what you are currently doing that will help you get on path to your goals?”

He was a little hesitant. “Sure..”

“First, how many dials would you need to do to do 2 MORE appointments each week?”-Me

“I’m actually a big referral guy so about 10 dials”-Rep

“That’s awesome”-Me as I start mapping out some numbers.

“Based on your numbers AND doing 2 more presentations each week..which takes you 10 dials based on what you told me-guess how much MORE you’ll make each year?”-Me

“Um..I’m not sure”-Rep

“As long as your numbers are accurate, you’ll make an $40,000+ MORE as a result”-Me

His jaw drops. “No way”

I show him my math.

Fast forward 1 year later.

He executed.

He made $50K more over the prior year.

The year after that, even more and he hit PC.

He’s never looked back since.

Sometimes the littlest tweaks create the biggest results.

Do you agree?



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