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Top 10 Favorite Halloween One-Liners to Get In The Door of Your Toughest Prospects


Ok, it’s not really Halloween but we are about two weeks from Halloween…which is the PERFECT reason for sales pro’s to stop in on prospects in the funnel, introduce themselves to new prospects, and/or THANK current customers!

Either way, between now and Halloween, WHICHEVER THE REASON ABOVE, it is a great time for sales pro’s to walk in with candy and baked goods which ultimately will drive future sales dollars!

The ONLY way it can get better than that is with one-liners handwritten on cards that go along with the goodies! So therefore, here are my Top 10 Favorite One-Liners that are truly SWEET! (⬅See what I did there? 😜)

🎃Going through a SOUR PATCH with your (industry vendor)? Call us for a free consultation!

🎃 No TRICKS and only TREATS when you use us for (insert product/service)!

🎃 Getting GHOSTED by your (industry) vendor?

🎃 Have a DUD of a (industry vendor)?

🎃 Don’t get SPOOKED by scary product quality and call us today for a free consult!

🎃 Ready for a SWEET vendor that cares?

🎃 I might be CORNY but I can help streamline your business! Call me a for a consult! (Use Candy Corn for this one 😀)

🎃 Feeling STUCK with a bad program? (Ideal with sticky candy like Laffy Taffy)

🎃 There are so many ‘REESE’ on’s why WE are the BEST!

🎃 Call today as you’ll like the way we ROLO!

Have some of your own one-liners you love to use? Comment below and make sure to like and share! Also, grab our free Ultimate Closer Training Program 2.0 today to help you close those SWEET deals!



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