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Top 10 Most Common Challenges For New Sales Reps

We need to celebrate those who decide to go into outside sales­čĹĆ

Being brand new to B2B sales is very hard.

I talk with B2B reps daily across tons of industries.

It’s no surprise that the average turnover is 34%+ in sales.

Here are the top 10 most common challenges for new sales reps:

1. Dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions and mental management.

2. Dealing with rejection.

3. Hard to book qualified appointments.

4. Dealing with the fact that they are in “sales” and the negative stigma that comes with it.

5. Lack of direction, training, and support.

6. Not knowing what to say on the phone.

7. Not knowing how to say it on the phone.

8. Not knowing how to craft a cold email.

9. Not knowing how to ask for help.

10. Not knowing what actually works and what doesn’t

Just know this:


What else would add to this list?

Comment below and I’ll work to craft future content to help you!

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