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Top 5 Struggles As a New Sales Manager

One of the hardest transitions to go through is from rep to manager for the 1st time.

You are EXCITED for your promotion!

You update your LinkedIn profile/headline immediately.

Your order biz cards with your new title.

You move into your new office.

And then the job PUNCHES you in the face.

Being a sales leader is INCREDIBLY rewarding.

But it has it’s challenges.

Here are the top 5 struggles most new sales managers struggle with:

1. Your reps are NOT you-you’ll see quickly why YOU got promoted over your peers and you’ll be pleasantly horrified.

2. You can’t be best friends with your reps anymore. There’s a fine line between FRIENDLY and friends.

3. The skills that made you a great rep are DIFFERENT than the ones you need to be a great LEADER.

4. There are time thieves everywhere-if you’re not careful, you’ll get sucked into meetings that waste your time. You’ll have certain reps that just need more of your time as well.

5. You’ll want to micromanage everything. You got promoted because you had tight control of your sales process. Now you have multiple reps and what feels like ZERO control.

So is it worth it?

YES, because now you can anticipate it and..

Anticipation is the ultimate power.

PS Link here on what a manager should focus on!



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