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Toxic Team Culture Lessons

I had just taken the team over and we were -50% behind our numberšŸ˜©

I had just one rep who actually was performing and was in the top 25% in region.

He was also toxic to our culturešŸ¤®

Face-to-face he was great.

He’d tell you and everyone else exactly what you wanted to hear.

Behind your back he would complain and stir the fire.

He would constantly call out sick last minute.

He would constantly not show up to work with the most outrageous excuses.

He’d always tried to find ways to get into other’s reps’ deals dancing in gray areas to his benefit only.

He’d love to blame issues on everyone and took zero ownership.

Of course, I tried coaching him in so many different ways.

I did everything I could to help him as I knew he had a good heart.

He’d commit and tell me what I’d want to hear but would never follow through.

Eventually he left.

Our culture improved OVERNIGHT.

It was like a dark cloud was gone and now the sun shined through!

Everyone’s performance started trending upwards and we beat our number for the yearšŸ“ˆ

That rep though?

He’s had a new job every 6-18 months as his sins followed him.

I learned that you can’t coach those who are unwilling to be coached.

AND sometimes you need to SUBTRACT to MULTIPLY your results.

Do you agree?

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