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True Education Begins After Graduation

“The training sucks here-I’m just washing cars”-Intern

“What do you mean?”-Me, the other intern

“I don’t get ANY training, I just wash cars. Wait..are you not washing cars in a suit too?”-Intern.

“No, I do, but it’s not a big deal”-Me

“No man, we have college degrees and we’re washing cars. I’m not getting trained worth $hit!”-Intern

“Well..are you asking your manager for training?”-Me

“No-that’s his job to do it!”-Intern

“What are you doing to take ownership?”-Me

“Chan-that’s stupid. This is a Fortune 500 company-they’re supposed to train us!”-Intern

“Listen-I used to work in a restaurant for $7/hour. Now I make 50% more as an intern AND I’m learning how to run a different business. I show up every single Friday at my boss’ door at 6 AM for training as that’s what we agreed on and what I hold her accountable to. The training is actually killer-it’s your mindset that $hit”-Me.

He looks flabbergasted. “You make your boss train you?”

“Yes. Everyone is busy but my #1 priority in this internship is to learn so I’m determined to make that happen”-Me.

He stopped complaining.

In life, your true education begins after you graduate..if you CHOOSE to learn.

What are you doing to self-educate?

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