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Trust the Process

“How are you convincing people to buy?”-other intern.

I was confused-“What do you mean?”

“Everyone thinks it’s a scam-how are you selling it?”-other intern.

“It’s not a scam and I just did what we were trained on”-Me.

He looks annoyed.

I didn’t understand.

We were in the same intern training class.

Same start date.

Same trainer.

One month later, I was at the top of the leaderboards and was beating out other tenured MT’s, Assistant Managers, and Branch Managers.

He was at the bottom.

He thought I was being shady in how I sold it so he called me.

I walked him through verbatim every single thing I did and said in the exact order.

“Wow, that’s literally exactly how we were trained”-him.

“Well, the trainer is one of the youngest and fastest promoted area managers. Wouldn’t it make sense just to trust him and the process?”-Me.

Fast forward and the summer is over.

We both finish in the top two slots.

My buddy couldn’t thank me enough for giving him perspective at the time.

Sometimes we must get out of our own way and stop finding reasons why something may not work.

We simply need to trust the process and heed the advice from those who have already been successful in it.

Do you agree?

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