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Two Ways to Acquire Knowledge and Skills

There are two ways to acquire knowledge:

The “Free Way” and the “Paid Way.”

I used to love the “Free Way” until I realized it cost me more..

Here’s what I mean:

In 2011, I realized I was still eating like a college kid.

I had gained 20+ lbs since college and didn’t feel great.

I had lost muscle and gained fat.

So I started obsessively reading blogs online and..

YouTubing workouts and nutrition online.

I did this for 2 years.

Lots of trial and error.

I was hitting the gym for 2 hours/day and I ate better too.

But after 2 years..

I still did NOT like the way I looked in the mirror.

I decided to hire a dietician and personal trainer.

It cost about $8K+ but after 60 days..

I had lost 15+ lbs and was down to <8% bodyfat.

AND I reduced my workout time to 45 minutes/day.

More importantly, I felt MORE CONFIDENT!

(And that helps in sales)

That’s also when I realized my “Free Way” over the last 2 years cost me MORE than I realized.

Even if I based it on the wasted extra hour at the gym..

An extra 1 hour/week X 6 Days/week X 52 Weeks..

That’s 312 hours wasted.

624 hours wasted in two years.

At a conservative $100/hour..that’s 624 hours X $100/hour..

That’s a $62,400 in wasted opportunity cost.

AND it doesn’t even include the time loss in scrolling blogs.

And the loss in confidence.

And the deals I could have closed with MORE confidence.

Investing $8K was NOTHING in comparison to -$62,400.

I’ve learned from that.

I’ll still consume content for free..

But if there’s an opportunity to invest to save time..

Assuming it’s a good fit, I’m ALL IN.

As time once wasted..NEVER comes back.

Do you agree?

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