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Use This Simple Hack to Achieve Your Goals Faster

Want to hit your personal goals faster?

Here’s a super simple way to think about it:

Let’s say you have a goal of saving $10,000 for a family vacation.

That may seem daunting for some so here’s how to think:

1) What’s your take-home for commission on an average deal?

Let’s say for simplicity that it’s $1000

$10,000 vacation / $1000 after tax commission=10 deals

2) What’s your closing ratio?

Let’s say it’s 25%

10 deals / 25%=50 sales calls

3) What’s your appointment booking ratio?

Let’s assume it 10% and base it on just calls for simplicity

50 sales calls / 10%=500 calls

So based on our simple math above, if you..

Make 500 calls

Book 50 meetings

Close 10 deals

You’ll earn $10K in commission!

So a $10K vacation is just closing 10 deals!

Then work the math backwards to what’s required to get there.

You can apply this to any goal or investment you want.

Want a new $2K fridge?

Just close 2 deals

Want to send your kids to a $15K private school?

Just close 15 deals

Want a new $50K car that you want to pay cash for?

Just close 50 deals.

When you start thinking this way..

You start realizing that all the goals you have in life..

Are just a few deals away.

Do you agree?

P.S. If you want help closing more deals to hit your goals faster, send me a DM!




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