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When My VP Decided to Ride With Me in the Field

My VP was coming into town to do a field ride with me and I was freaking out as 2 appointments called to reschedule.

This was the first time he had ridden with me and I wanted to make a good impression.

I HAD the perfect plan:

-11 AM Pick him up

-11:30 AM Appt 1

-1 PM Appt 2

-2:30 PM Appt 3

-4 PM Appt 4

I double-booked every appointment as a backup with some accounts planned out to drop by.

I figured in case of no show’s, I’d have plenty of back up’s.

Then around 7 AM, my first two called to reschedule.

I freaked out.

I called my 8 and 9:30 appointments and tried to SHIFT them to the afternoon.

No dice.

So I immediately rescheduled my morning.

There was NO WAY I was taking my VP to backup appointments only.

I raced to the office and starting dialing.

2 hours later, I refilled the PM slots.

I picked my VP at 11 and into the field we went.

It went amazing!

We closed one deal, had great meetings at the others, and then booked two massive appointments with my seed process.

My VP sent me a nice note after thanking me for the field ride.

Little did he know I was freaked out the whole time.

However, despite that, I took action.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Do you agree?

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