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What Going to the Gym Taught Me About Sales Efficiency

Going the gym taught me a lot about sales efficiency.

Here’s what I mean:

In college, I used to work out for 2-3 hours/day.

Then I graduated and started working full-time..

And then got married..

And then had a kid..

This made it hard to get a 2+ hour workout in daily..

BUT I knew staying in shape was important to me.

So I gave myself a daily time limit.

30 minutes/day.

One goal: do as much as possible in the 30 min.

The result?

I was able to do the SAME 2+ hour workout IN 30 MINUTES.

I realized how much time I had wasted before:

Thinking about which machine next..

Distracted by side conversations..

Extended water breaks..

Lost down the social media black hole..

I gave myself 2+ hours to workout so I took 2+ hours.

Once I gave myself 30 min, I took only 30 min.

100% focus with all distractions blocked out.

It’s the same in sales.

If you give yourself 8 hours to make your calls..

You’ll take 8 hours to make your calls.

If you timeblock only 3 hours, you’ll get it done in 3 hours.

Your work contracts to the time you give it.

So FEED your focus..

STARVE your distractions.

And EXECUTE like a machine.

Your bank account will thank you in 30 days.

Tag a rep that needs to see this!

PS More resources to help you execute like a sales machine in the comments!


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