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What Got You Into Sales?

When I graduated college in 2007, I was very fortunate.

I fortunately had 5 job offers on the table.

It ranged from a B2B sales job with a $29,500 base..

Up to $55,000 working in a bank as an analyst.

Logically, the bank job made more financial sense.

My parents also highly encouraged me to take that one too.

I turned that job down and all the ones in between..

And took the B2B sales job with the $29,500 base.

It wasn’t because I “loved sales.”

I also wasn’t a “born salesperson.”

I simply saw the POTENTIAL in who I could become.

The opportunity to build a business from scratch.

The skills I’d learn in the process.

So that’s why I chose that path.

Then as a result of the journey, I fell in love with sales ❤️️

And have been in sales ever since!

Comment below: what got you into sales?

PS. I share more details on this and other stories on the B2B Marketers on a Mission Podcast with Christian Klepp!

Link here for the full interview!

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