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What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About Sales

What can Harry Potter teach us about selling successfully?

Quite a lot actually.

HP was written by JK Rowling.

For years, her original manuscript was rejected.

She’d submit it.

Get rejected.

Submit it.

Get rejected.

Rinse and repeat.

However, despite all the rejection..

She kept revising and trying to get the first book published.

After YEARS of trying and almost becoming homeless..

It FINALLY got published and became a best-seller!

She didn’t stop there.

She had now figured out the ROADMAP to success.

With the roadmap, she repeated it 6 more times.

Every book broke sales records and won awards.

Success was NO accident.

She simply followed the roadmap she created.

JK Rowling is now one of the wealthiest authors in the world.

You can apply the same learnings of HP to sales.

If you have struggled with getting enough appointments..

With closing more deals..

And making the income you’d like to make..

It’s not your fault.

You need a ROADMAP to follow just like JK Rowling had.

Once you have the roadmap for sales success..

You just need to follow the path!

If you would like a roadmap for sales success, I’d like to help.

I’d like to invite you to my free training.

I will teach you the roadmap that has allowed me to be a top B2B performer every year.

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