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What I Wish My First Sales Manager Would Have Taught Me

My first sales manager was old school.

He grew up in a different era so he had different beliefs.

He believed that to get ahead in my career, I had to do this:

Show up

Outwork everyone

Work more hours than everyone

Make more calls than everyone

Then you’ll get the best results because of the hard work

Then keep doing that

And then I’d be promoted if I did it long enough

So when I started in sales, that’s exactly what I did.

I outworked everyone

Worked MORE hours than everyone

Made MORE calls than everyone

So I was SHOCKED when I still had the worst results

Eventually I figured it out and had success

What I realized…

And wished my sales manager had taught me was this instead:

Working hard at my job would make a good living..

But working hard on MYSELF would make me a fortune.

Working hard by itself does not guarantee results.

BUT adding and IMPROVING the right skills DOES.

What are some lessons you wish your sales manager taught you?

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