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What The Simpsons Can Teach Us About Thriving

One of my favorite shows growing up was The Simpsons📺

As of today, it is on it’s 31st season!

What’s even more amazing is that it has won 32 Emmy’s throughout the years 🏆

Why has it survived and thrived for 30+ years when some shows don’t even make it past a few seasons?

Two simple reasons.

1. It’s visionary-check it carefully and you’ll see that it has predicted the future many times even to the point of predicting Donald Trump would be president 😃

2. It’s adapted-as current events and the world has changed, the writers have adapted it to ensure it’s continuously funny and progressive!

We can apply these lessons to today’s environment.

It’s obviously a scary and tough time for many..

However, if you want to thrive, it starts with looking ahead to the future of where you want to be!

No matter where you want to be, you will need to adapt as different challenges will be thrown at you.

So be VISIONARY and ADAPT and you’ll thrive just like The Simpson’s have.

Do you agree?

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