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What to Do After Graduation If You Have No Idea

We have a lot of college seniors that are going to be graduating very soon that are unclear what to do..😖

Some may disagree with me…but my recommendation is ALWAYS to go into #sales! 🤝

Best case scenario?

They thrive and have a ton of success! 💯

They can earn great incomes, develop tons of skills, win awards, get promoted, and more!

Worst case scenario?

They don’t make it and they change career paths..

HOWEVER, they have now learned:



✅How to sell


✅Work Ethic

✅Team Work

✅And so much more!

All these skills apply to any role and LIFE in general.

So if you are graduating and you have no idea, go do sales!

It’ll change your life for the BETTER.

Do you agree?

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