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What to Do to If You Want to Quit

Have you ever wanted to quit?

We all have.

I have.

It’s usually when we take on something new and challenging.

And usually the GREATER the reward, the more CHALLENGING it is.

However, sometimes that motivation of achieving something greater is NOT enough to keep you going.

The first thoughts of quitting usually come after an obstacle occurs.

Then comes the thoughts of doubt and insecurity.

That is when you are most prone to quit.

I’ve been there many times.

However, I have a simple tool that I’ve created.

It’s a tool that will help REMIND you of all that you’ve achieved when you have forgotten how great you when you are in the dark parts of your mind.

It’s a letter to your future self.

It’s simple:

Write a letter addressed to your future self that lists out the following:

-How you may be feeling

-Examples in your past of great achievement/overcoming struggles

-WHY you are doing it

-WHY you will NOT quit

-Your big goals for achieving it

-Any of your favorite quotes that move you

When you are in the darkness of wanting to quit, pull this letter out and read it out loud!

You’d be amazed on how it can shift your mindset.

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