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What Tony Robbins Can Teach Us About Sales

What can Tony Robbins teach us about sales?

Quite a lot actually.

Most people know Tony for being a type of “life coach”

As a coach, he has achieved extraordinary things:

✅ Impacted and changed millions of lives

✅ Has worked with many high profile clients such as Marc Benioff, Serena Williams, Usher, and more

✅ Award-winning and best-selling author of multiple books

✅ Chairman to a holding company valued at $50B

✅ Major philanthropist that has donated 500 million+ meals

✅ And so much more!

Guess what coaching certificate he holds?


That’s right.

The MOST FAMOUS coach in the world does NOT hold a certificate

The truth is..a certificate does NOT determine success.

Tony’s results speak for themselves.

I see some salespeople chasing certificates.

Taking all types of courses for CRMs, sales, etc.

And then wanting to update their LinkedIn with it.

Here’s the thing: I’m all for learning

But remember this: certificates mean nothing without results

If Tony can become the most famous coach in the world without a coaching certificate..

You can be a top salesperson without a certificate too 😃

Do you agree?

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