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What Virtual Selling Really Is

Most do not truly UNDERSTAND what Virtual Selling is.

Virtual selling is NOT just about the Zoom call.

Virtual selling is about ensuring every time your prospect interacts with your company or you ANYWHERE..

(AKA your digital footprint)

They get the EXPERIENCE you are WANTING.

They receive the MESSAGE you are WANTING.

You can’t control what’s on your company’s website or collateral..

BUT you can control how they interact with YOU.

Here are some CONTROLLABLE touchpoints:

✅ How your LinkedIn profile looks

✅ How your email reads

✅ How you speak on a call/Zoom

✅ How you are on video messages

✅ How prepared you are for calls

✅ How you deliver on promised action items

✅ How you follow up in any form of communication

✅ Etc., etc., etc.

In virtual selling, every detail matters..

The truth is…

It’s the SAME for in-person selling 😂

The more you own these details, the higher your win-rate.

Do you agree?

PS Check out the full article that inspired this post: https://salesforce.smh.re/JLn

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