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What We Can Learn From Lebron James

We can learn a lot from Lebron James.

4X NBA MVP Award.

The highest paid NBA athlete in 2020.

Has won countless awards in the past.

An incredible astute businessperson off-court.

A philanthropist.

And more.

When you look at just his pure “day job” results..


He’s arguably one of the best basketball players of all time.

One of the things he’s also known for is how he invests.

Lebron invests $1.5 MILLION per year in his training.


One of the most elite athletes in the WORLD..

The best of the best..

Is STILL investing in his own development.

And the results above are CRYSTAL CLEAR.

This is the difference between being mediocre and the BEST

Mediocre people only work to develop themselves if..

Their back is against the wall.

The BEST are investing in themselves NON-STOP

They know to BECOME the BEST, they must invest.

They know to STAY the BEST, they must invest.

If you want “Lebron” style results in sales..

It’s no different.

To become or to stay a TOP PERFORMER..

You must constantly invest in your development.

Or you’ll eventually get benched.

Do you agree?

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