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What We Can Learn From Usain Bolt and Sales

In 2016, Usain Bolt won the gold medal in the 100M.

This earned him $25K (Not including endorsements)

Justin Gatlin won the silver and received $15K.

From the cash award basis, Bolt received 166% MORE and doesn’t even include the MILLIONS more in endorsements.

Does that mean Bolt is 166% better than Gatlin?


Bolt won by 0.08 seconds.

Bolt is only 0.08 seconds BETTER than Gatlin..

But he received 166% MORE in prize money.

Sales is much like this.

The top earners earn 5-10X+ everyone else.

Are they 5-10X+ better than everyone else?

No way.

They are just a LITTLE bit better.

You only need to be a LITTLE bit better to increase your results.

It starts with being open to becoming better.

I can help you become better.

So you can 5-10X your results.

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