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What Working in a Restaurant Taught Me About Sales and Life Habits

Working in a restaurant taught me a lot of about..

Sales and life habits.

At the end of each night, each server cashes out.

Receipts are compared with payments received.

Metrics are reviewed for upsells, tips, etc.

At the end of each day, you know exactly where you stand.

Whether you hit revenue goals, exceeded, or fell short.

Then you can take right actions to improve any areas.

These habits translate perfectly to sales.

As a sales rep..

I tracked my activity, conversions, and closed deals.

As a business owner, I track traffic and profit.

At the end of the day, what gets measured gets improved.

Do you agree?

Drop below what you track in the comments!

P.S. There is such thing as overdoing it – if you track 100+ KPI’s, then the focus is lost.

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