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When I Missed Presidents Club in 2016

I missed Presidents Club in 2016 by one week.

My rep had a deal that was supposed to go in the last week of Q4.

This single deal was going to help me hit the last KPI I needed to qualify.

It was right down to the wire.

On that last week, the customer called to shift it one week out.

There was nothing we could do as it was the right thing to do to fulfill our customer’s request.

I was angry though.

Angry at the customer.

Angry at the rep.

I had gotten promoted a few months prior so I was straddling two roles.

I had trusted the rep to follow through and get the deal done while dealing with transition as a new director.

I was angry right after I found out.

I kept asking myself..

“Why did I trust him to get it done?”

“Why did he screw me over like that?”

Then I realized that those were all negative questions.

I couldn’t blame the rep.

I couldn’t blame the customer.

I had only MYSELF to blame.

So the questions shifted..

“What can I learn from this?”

“What can I do to prevent this from happening ever again?”

Suddenly this shifted my perspective as I knew I needed to take 100% ownership.

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you need to change the questions you ask yourself.

Do you agree?

PS I took action after and never missed another PC again.

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