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When Persistence Can Kill You

“Get the F*CK out of here!”-Prospect as he started walking toward me with the gun

I had been too persistent and it was about to kill me.

I had uncovered this opportunity one month back.

It was a BIG opportunity.

Since I only 4 zip codes to prospect into, there were only so many of these accounts around.

I called the prospect EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I dropped by their office 3X/week.

The DM was never there and never called me back.

FINALLY one day, I walked in and a random employee told me HE WAS THERE!

The employee walked me down a dark hallway to the DM’s office, in which the door was open.

I walked in with a smile and went right into my elevator speech..

12 seconds in, he started shaking his head and turned bright red while muttering “You f*cking salespeople never learn..”

Rookie me kept going with my speal.

He opened his drawer and pulled a GUN out.

I shut up and started backing up.

“Get the F*CK out of here!”-Prospect walking towards me.

I stuttered an apology and raced out..

I never did close that deal but I learned..

Persistence is important but being PLEASANTLY PERSISTENT with a strong EQ is even more important.

Do you agree?

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