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When Prospects Go Dark

I had this prospect that I had been actively working for months that suddenly went dark.

This prospect was also one of those that had been super engaged and super responsive to everything.

We had have multiple meetings, product trials, samples, etc. and things were progressively nicely to partner up with his business.

All of sudden – silence.

I left voicemails.

Text messages.


Dropped by.

Sent seeders.

Every touchpoint was focused on adding value and not one of those “just checking in” outreach sequences.

No response.

I decided one last ditch effort of an email to him.

“Hi Charlie, is everything ok? You’re usually very responsive and I haven’t heard from you..let me know how I can best support you. Regards, Marcus”

One week later he called me.

He was super apologetic.

Turns out he had been very sick and was in process of selling the business.

He said he had received a lot of other phone calls/emails from other reps selling other products but I was the only one he had called back because I was actually genuine with my approach.

We didn’t get that business (at that time) as the business took longer to get sold than expected but it was a valuable lesson to learn:

AUTHENTICITY and CARING are the best marketing strategy.

Do you agree?

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