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Who You Are Today Does Not Determine Who You Can Be Tomorrow

I was deemed as “special” growing up..😞

I didn’t start speaking until I was 4 years old.

When I did start speaking, I had a speech impediment.

I had behavioral issues😠

I got on fights on the playground🤕

I had to take anger management classes😡

All before 8 years old.

I got judged by teachers, family, and other kids.

But I don’t regret any of it and am thankful for that.

The speech impediment taught me how to communicate.

The behavioral issues taught me how to read people.

The anger issues taught me how to process stress.

These things have helped me on my everlasting journey to be the best version of me.

Who you are TODAY does not determine who you can be TOMORROW.

Change starts with perspective.

Do you agree?

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