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Who You Are Today is Based On Your Experiences Yesterday

A career is a funny thing.

Here’s mine:

1991 – 2007 Oriental Village [Parent’s Restaurant]

– Dishwasher
– Bus Boy
– Server
– Cook

2002 – 2005 Speedo Sales Associate

2003 – 2004 Assistant Swim Coach

2005 – 2007 Enterprise Rent-A-Car

– Sales Intern
– Customer Service Rep

2007 – 2011 Enterprise Commercial Trucks

– B2B Account Specialist
– Senior Account Specialist
– Assistant Sales Manager
– Branch Manager [Multiple operations with a team of 6-10]

2011 – 2019 Cintas Corporation

– Outside Sales Rep
– Sales Captain
– Market Sales Manager [Team of 16-20]
– Director of Sales [11 Teams of 110+]

👋🏽 9/19/19 My last day of Corporate life

😬 9/20/19 Day 1 going all in on my SIDE hustle now MAIN hustle

9/20/21 TODAY – My official 2 year anniversary.

Although the last two years have been full of…

🙈 Mistakes

🙈 Failures

🙈 And learnings..

It has also been the most rewarding two years of my life 🙏🏽


🙏🏽 The 300+ clients I’ve been able to directly impact

🙏🏽 The recognition I’ve been fortunate to receive from Forbes, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.

🙏🏽 The time freedom and flexibility I’ve been able to create

And so much more.

I feel fortunate and blessed as I often get asked:

“Do you ever wish you quit corporate America sooner??”

The answer is simple:


All my past experiences taught me so many lessons.

Lessons that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Lessons that made me who I am today.

Lessons that have exponentially sped up my business’ results.

And as I result, I’m able to use those lessons to help others.

So never regret your experience as everything happens for a reason.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary 🎉

Thank YOU for all your support and continued support 🙏🏽

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