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Why Being a Great Closer Does Not Mean You Are Great At Sales

Being good at closing does not make you great at sales.

I hear this myth often.

It’s perpetuated by terms like “coffee is for closers”

The truth is, I’ve known LOTS of great closers..

With the WORST results.

Being able to close someone doesn’t mean anything..

If you don’t have enough prospects in the funnel.

Who cares if you have a 90% closing ratio..

If you can’t make the money you want.

Or get the results you desire.

Those who are truly great at sales know this.

They know the BEST reps are the ones who know how to prospect.

They don’t RELY on inbound leads.

They know that 80% of the time is focused on prospecting and lead generation.

When you have this mindset, you never worry about an empty funnel.

You never have “commission breath.”

So if you really want to be GREAT at sales..

Master prospecting.

Do you agree?

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