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Why Being “Delusional” Can Be a Good Thing

I’ve been called “delusional.”

“Unrealistic” or “Insane”..

Because of one simple belief:

I believe we all have true greatness inside waiting to be unleashed.

I believe we can all achieve things we never thought possible.

I believe limits are made to be shattered.


It requires getting tapped into.

It requires new knowledge and skills.

And we must know the journey ahead is hard and full of obstacles.

Sam is a good example.

Before Sam and I started working together he was making $40K/yr.

He had thought making 6-figures was just a dream…

(He probably thought I was delusional 😂)

Even though at the time he couldn’t necessarily afford it…

He found a way to invest and joined my Inner Circle.

He then showed up and took massive action.

In 10 months, he TRIPLED his income and made $121K.

This is MORE than he’s ever made.

And he has bulletproof sales confidence.

We are now 3 months into 2021.

Sam has ALREADY MADE over $60K in under 3 months.

He’s now pacing to make $250K – $300K+ this year.

From making $40K/year to pacing for $250K+/year in 13 months.

Most people would call that thinking “unrealistic.”

I’m ok with that.

Remember that if you want to achieve what most won’t..

You must be willing to THINK and DO like most don’t.

Do you agree?

PS Send me a DM if you want to tap into your greatness like Sam.

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