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Why I Knocked on 300+ Businesses in 5 Days

In my first full field week in 2011 after switching companies, I knocked on 300+ businesses by 🦶

Yes-I physically walked into 300+ businesses soliciting for business.

That’s averaging about one door knock every 10 minutes for 50 hours in the field that week 🚪

My teammates thought I was nuts as most would barely do 20-30 in a week.

Some thought I was an idiot for working so hard so early on.

Some thought I was trying to show off.

Here’s the reality: it was none of that; it was all intentional and strategic.

I learned very quickly…

..what my competitors were offering in real time.

..all the industry objections, concerns, and hot buttons.

..who our target market is.

..who our current customers are.

..our marketplace value.

..our marketplace competitive advantage.

..our marketplace reputation.

..my scripting and objection handling. I now had PRACTICED it 300+ times in one week.

What would have taken an average rep 3-4 months to learn, I learned in 5 days.

Was I exhausted? You bet.

Was it worth? Heck yeah.

If you want uncommon results, you must be willing to do what the common WON’T.

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