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Why I Stopped Reading 60-80 Books Per Year

I used to read 60-80 books per year📚

Sales, leadership, investing, etc.

I’d fly through these books..

And it was cool to tell others how many I’ve read..

BUT the truth was..I retained VERY LITTLE.

AND I applied EVEN LESS.

The truth was I had bought into the “consumption culture.”

Consuming books.





So I made a shift.

I reduced my consumption drastically.

And focused 100% on applying.

The first 6 months I made this shift:

My net worth increased 25%📈

(I was reading investing books)

I’ve maintained that shift ever since.

So if you are a big book reader or content consumer..

I recommend you make the shift too.

Go from a “consumer of content” to an “attitude of action”

I bet you’ll see your results skyrocket too🚀

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    I’ve been reading books about people who have what I want or are where I want to be. I don’t think it’s about applying what they did necessarily as a whole but it’s about me learning from them what applies to my life and then taking massive action. Just like the Sales Ninja Course. I took what I needed to catapulte me to the next level. It was well worth the money.

    1. 6x6 Success says:

      That’s cause you’re a stud and put the work in!!!

  2. Very well said. Consuming written word is important, more so than wasting away time watching TV, at least, but applying the ideas is of utmost importance.

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