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Why My Parents Were Disappointed in Me Growing Up

My parents were disappointed in me.

I had just dropped out of Architecture School..

Got a job selling Speedos in a Speedo store..

And started college “undeclared.”

It was bad enough that I told them that I didn’t want to be a..




Or anything else they deemed as more prestigious.

They had just convinced me being an architect was a solid future.

I had my entire application done with all sketches required..

Then I did a job shadow before school started.

It was NOTHING what I expected.

It didn’t feel right in my gut.

I dropped out of Architecture school immediately.

Eventually I graduated with a biz degree and went into B2B sales..

(Yes, further disappointing them)

But it felt right for me.

I worked hard on myself and I never gave up.

I was fortunate to eventually have success.

Sales ended up giving me transferable life skills.

It earned me more money than I thought possible.

It also gave me a life I could have only have dreamt of.

Each action I took on the journey, gave me more clarity for the future.

So even if your current circumstances are not ideal..

Remember that they only determine where you START..

And not where you can GO!

Do you agree?

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