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Why My Team Hated Me After My First Day as a New Manager

I was promoted from a rep to manager and my entire team almost quit on my first day😭

I couldn’t understand why they despised me.

I went home that day and complained to my future wife(FW).

I told her it was a team of misfits.

Their results were the worst in the district.

It was my job to fix it.

I called a huddle on Day 1.

I said “We’re throwing the ‘playbook’ out”

What they were doing wasn’t working.

That I was the #1 salesperson for the last 10 months for a reason..

I presented my new 30/60/90 day plan.

“This is the plan – we’re going to be #1. Let’s go!”-Me

Dead silence.

The tension in room was so thick you cut it with a butter knife.

“Eh, we’ll see”-one of the reps.

I wrapped the story up and looked at my FW.

“See? What’s wrong with them?”-Me

She calmly looked at me and said “Did you even ask what they thought was wrong or their opinion?”


“So why would they respect or follow you?”-FW

I was blinded by my own ambition.

The next day, I apologized to the team.

I asked for feedback.

They had AMAZING ideas.

We started executing.

We were #1 in 6 months.

Respect is not earned by results.

It’s earned by how you treat others.

And ALWAYS seek to understand first.

They weren’t misfits.

They were misled.

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